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Are you looking for premium lawn care services in Fargo? All-Terrain Grounds Maintenance is Fargo and North Dakota’s largest lawn care company. All-Terrain lawn care Fargo include lawn mowing services, field mowing services in Fargo, applications of weed control and fertilizer, landscape maintenance Fargo, sprinkler and irrigation system installation and repair, aeration, dethatching, power raking, power brooming boulevards, edging, shrub trimming, tree pruning, mulch rejuvenation, and more. When we at All-Terrain work for you, we can handle your entire property. We have six qualified divisions working to deliver full-service and custom grounds maintenance packages for your home or business. Our team excels when we can own the responsibility of every part of a customer’s property.

Lawn care Fargo is one of the foundation services of All-Terrain. We are committed to mowing your lawn to maintain a healthy lawn that gives a great appearance. As a mowing customer, you can expect that we mow all grass areas, line trim around all fences, landscape borders, trees and objects, and blow off all clippings from concrete areas each and every time we mow. We also make sure to pick up all your gutters and sump pump hoses, we pick up garbage, we use three-point turns to avoid turf damage, we schedule a 4-day week to allow for rainy days, and our teams are uniformed and professional. We have a strict no-swearing policy, and we do not allow our team members to smoke while working for us.

If you’ve invested in landscaping maintenance Fargo, either with your dollars or time, you’ll want to maintain it properly. Our landscape maintenance services division adds value to your investment by enhancing your landscaping. Our knowledgeable team understands each landscape is unique. We have certified arborists, Master Gardeners, and others who know what we’re doing, so you know it’s getting done by knowledgeable professionals.

Weeds will be a problem to some degree during the life of your lawn. All-Terrain’s weed control Fargo and fertilizer division is deep with experienced, licensed applicators. We do not cut corners on our equipment, training, or our formula. We have a two application minimum on our treatment programs to ensure customer satisfaction with our product. Some customers prefer the full-service program of four applications, however many customers can have great results using three applications. Our formula consists of a broadleaf weed control, a urea-based fertilizer, and iron to achieve a deep green color. These applications kill dandelions and other broadleaf weeds. One benefit of the four application program is during our third application, we use an ingredient geared towards barnyard grass, which can be a problem beginning in the late summer.

All-Terrain also has an underground sprinkler systems Fargo and irrigation systems Fargo that can install new systems of all sizes and service all systems ranging from older style systems to the newest products on the market. We have selected Rainbird and Hunter products as our preferred manufacturers, but can work with most anything. The experienced technicians out in the field are backed up by a courteous office staff that is available to help with any questions or logistical issues that arise.

Started in 1999 by Ryan Such and his wife, All-Terrain has grown from having 30 accounts to well over 1,000. We have four values that guide our work, and encourage customers and potential customers to read them. We try to: Be Real, we value our Team, we hope for the best Customer Experience possible, and have a desire to Give Back. Welcome to our web site, enjoy your stay!

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Brad Bateman ArboristDid you know that All Terrain has a Certified Arborist? Meet Brad Bateman.