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Darcy Byrne, Director of Operations | darcy.byrne@allterrainfargo.com

What is my favorite company value?  Team. As a whole, All-Terrain has created an atmosphere where I hope everyone feels they are an important part of the team. Without a strong team we would not grow as a company. The willingness for members of All-Terrain to welcome in new members has become very inviting over the years and I am proud to have been a part of that. The three other values are major factors, but I feel team is where All-Terrain originated from!

Kristofer Knutson, Assistant Director of Operations | kristofer.knutson@allterrainfargo.com

What is my favorite company value?  Being Real. Communication is essential in the fast-paced environment we work in. All-Terrain wouldn’t be able to function on the level we need to succeed without honesty. It is reassuring to know that our team has been trained to be real with each other and to be real with our customers. And to be real with you, one of my reasons for choosing this value is because I didn’t want to pick the same answer as Darcy, Brad, or Ben. 

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Brad Bateman, Spray Division Leader | brad.bateman@allterrainfargo.com
Certified Arborist and Master Gardener

What is my favorite company value?  Customer Experience.  When a customer calls All-Terrain asking for a service, I enjoy being a part of a team that performs the requested service beyond the customer’s expectations.  It’s also great being able to be a part of the final process of sending an accurate, timely invoice and making sure everything was done to All-Terrain’s standards.

Greg Stark, Irrigation Division Leader | irrigation@allterrainfargo.com
Certified Hunter Industries Technician

What is my favorite company value?  Customer Experience. As one of the only divisions at All-Terrain that receives “Service Calls” customer experience is very important. Seeing a job get completed to the highest quality and knowing we have exceeded the customers expectations is what its all about. Showing the customer that we strive to do and be the best in our industry. Also being a part of a team that shares the same qualities, goals, and is on board only makes things easier. All of our Values play a huge part in my everyday life at work and at home. 

Ryan VanValkenburg, Mowing Division Leader | diddy@allterrainfargo.com

What is my favorite company value?



Nate Pratt, Landscape Maintenance Division Leader | nate.pratt@allterrainfargo.com

What is my favorite company value? My favorite value is “Team”. Without a team atmosphere, we wouldn’t be the company we are today. It allows us to get things done in a timely manner to keep our customer experience at its best. We as a company are very welcoming to new employees which keeps our “team” value at a high, and constantly growing in size. It was tough to pick which value I liked the best because in the end they all work as together as a “team” to make All-Terrain what it has become today!

Jeremy Bontjes, Large Commercial Division Leader | jeremy.bontjes@allterrainfargo.com

What is my favorite company value? My favorite company value is Team. As a company, we have established a Team-first culture. We use this value on a daily basis to keep things running smoothly, and it contributes to the rest of our values. It’s a good feeling knowing you have good team around you to help in all situations. Everybody wants to be a part of a good team, and we have that here at All-Terrain.


Matt Langemo, Customer Relations Manager | matt.langemo@allterrainfargo.com

My favorite value is “Customer Experience”. It is our focus on the entire customer’s experiences that separates us from other companies. We want customers to feel we’re easy with whom to do business and comfortable working with us. It’s why we give our team uniforms. It’s why we brand our vehicles. It’s why we prohibit smoking and swearing. It’s why we have an online portal through which customers can see the services for which they’re registered, pay their bills, and rate us. It drives about everything I do!